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Friday, November 2, 2007

Pre-SIME Event Sturecompagniet Stockholm

Together with our co-hosts Google, Telenor and Ericsson we decided that we just could not wait to get a taste of some of the SIME magic so we arranged a Pre-SIME event at Sturecompagniet last night.

200 aficionados, media agency professionals and marketers had great hamburgers, played retro arcade games like Defender and Packman and shared beers and thoughts.

On stage Kurt Sillén, VP of Ericsson Mobility World and Business Innovation, Daniel Dersén, Head of Content and Premium Services at Telenor and Rikard Steiber, Director of Product Marketing EMEA, Google had a great panel. They all opened the hood of their respective company in an honest and educational discussion that managed to completely steal everyone’s attention. Well done guys on the panel and a special thanks to Gustaf Radell from Google who got the ball rolling!

The feeling was almost like the weight-in at a title fight, full of anticipation and excitement for what is soon to come.

This is what Jonas Hombert, co-founder, Jaycut, thought of last night:
”Pre-SIME was a great warm-up for the main event. It was actually so good that it raised my expectations for the main event! But considering the agenda, the amazing list of speakers, participants and hosts, I am convinced my expectations will be surpassed on November 14-15.”

SIME is almost here, can't wait... /Ola Ahlvarsson

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