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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mahesh and his team organizes Facebook Developers Garage

This Friday March 14 it is time for Stockholm's first Facebook Garage Event, organized by Mahesh Kumar and his team at KTH NuStart. (Mahesh also works with SIME and Result). The Friday night event is a meetup on Facebook and OpenSocial application development. Speakers include:
David Haddad (Spontu) - speaking on Mobile Space
Tomas Nihlen (,, Urban-Lifestyle) - speaking on Social Networks
Brit Stakston (JMW Kommunikation) - speaking on the other reality: how companies often fear social media instead of focusing on the possibilities.
Jonas Lindberg Nyvang ( speaking on Open Social
Martin Andersson (Pronto Communications) - speaking on developing apps on FB. They created the pink ribbon campaign in Sweden.

Moderator: Beata Wickbom, SecondBusiness

Time: 4 30pm to 8pm @ Nya Matsalen/Nymble, KTH.

Read more on the event wiki and join the Facebook Group.

SIME Friends nominated for an International Emmy

The company P, creative advisor to SIME07, is nominated for and International Emmy. The participatory drama The Truth About Marika, a co-production with Swedish Television SVT, is nominated in the category "Best Interactive TV Service" by The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
The company P created a pervasive experience across many platforms. During almost a year over 100,000 participants tried to find the truth about Marika’s disappearance. Following fictious homepages, satellite maps and coded symbols accessed through mobile applications, the audience went deeper into the drama.

This is a great example of what the future of television could look like. The success of the production shows that the audience wants to participate, to break down the borders between life and screen.

Congratulations to the whole team!