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Friday, August 31, 2007


Swedish teenagers are leaving local communities like Playahead and Lunarstorm in favor of Facebook. Why do the Swedish communities fail to attract the older teenagers? What should they do? What will be the next Big thing? Find out at this year's SIME. Read Martin Jönsson's analysis in SvD (in Swedish). Find your friends in our SIME forum on Facebook!

Hot topics?

We will soon publish the topics for the SIME 2007 conference.
What issues would you like to discuss? What is on your agenda?
Let's use this blog and raise some of the burning issues in our industry!
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Thomas Crampton's Facebook experience...

Our favorite moderator Thomas Crampton reports on the perils of changing his Facebook profile. Thomas has recently left the International Herald Tribune for a new career as an entrepreneur in Asia. But he will be back on public request at SIME 2007!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

SIME@Mobile Life

SIME checked out the opening of the Mobile Life Centre at Stockholm University in Kista, Sweden. The industry partners for the lab are Ericsson, TeliaSonera, Sony Ericsson AB and Microsoft Research Ltd. We got several interesting demos of services for the future mobile life. A theme that will be discussed at several of the panels at SIME 2007.

SIME Reporter Beata Wickbom and Coffe Sandberg, The company P.

Examples: 1. The pervasive game creator - an on-line system for developing and running your own pervasive game. (Demonstrated by Researcher Staffan Jonsson).

2. The Affective Diary - a dairy where bodily memorabilia (collected by a body sensor) and mobile media data are mixed into a sort of "mood diary". (Demonstrated by Anna Ståhl)

3. Hot Potato - a new pervasive game created for Bluetooth-enabled phones. In summary: the player who has carried the most potatoes for the longest time wins the game. (Demonstrated by Annica Waern).

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