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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hot topics?

We will soon publish the topics for the SIME 2007 conference.
What issues would you like to discuss? What is on your agenda?
Let's use this blog and raise some of the burning issues in our industry!
Give us your ideas (use the comment feature below)!


Anonymous said...

When is Google going mobile and how is tha going to change the world

Anette Gustafsson said...

I hope you will cover these topics and invite these speakers:
* Microblogging - Jyri Engeström.
* User generated commercials.
* The Octet - Ben Hammersley.
* What needs do Facebook cover today and tomorrow?
* Social Software. What is hot and what makes it hot.
* The merge of TV and web.
/Anette Gustafsson