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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bling for your blog

Last week Amazon announced 16 new widgets, making it really easy for affiliates to spice up their websites or blogs.

There is a widget that will display products based upon the content of your site. Its called ‘Omakase’ and it will, through some sort of proprietary software, mine your site’s content and then it will display products accordingly. I would love to have included this widget in the SIME Blog to see what type of Amazon products are related to our content! Orange scarfs, great people, party attire or something more unexpected?
So far, the discussion around widget monetization has centered on how publishers can monetize the widgets that people embed on other sites. Sexy Widget ( a great blog btw) turns the question around: " Maybe the discussion should be around how the widget itself can be a monetization platform for the host site". More to come on this subject.

PS PS Omakase is a Japanese word meaning 'leave it up to us'. It is commonly used in Japanese restaurants for a meal where the chef uses their experience and knowledge to select and prepare the meal for a customer without specific directions. DS

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