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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Europe’s King of Browsers to Stockholm

Photo by: Ariane Beky

The browser market is hot again and we expect discussions about the future direction at SIME. We are really pleased to announce that Europe’s leading browser expert, Tristan Nitot, will be coming to SIME 2007. He is the founder and current president of Mozilla Europe, the international affiliate of the Mozilla Foundation and home of the Firefox browser.

The market share for Firefox is growing, especially in Europe. Over 30% of all Internet users prefer the browser from Mozilla. “I hope we continue to gain market share, as our goal is to promote choice. Monopoly leads to lack of innovation.”, Tristan says to Cnet.
Tristan is passionate about what he sees as Microsoft’s opposition to the Internet’s development when it stopped development of the Internet Explorer browser for five years after 2001. “IE was getting more and more obsolete in development terms. The Internet was stalling because of this,” he says. It was technologies like Netscape’s Netcaster, which acted as the core of what became RSS that helped open up the Web again”, he says to TechCrunch.

The Mozilla Foundation is a huge project with thousands of individuals working together to bring “more choice to the web”. Tristan has been contributing to this project since 2001. With the help of Mozilla Europe, Firefox is translated into more than 40 languages worldwide.

Tristan has worked with browser technology for over 10 years. He was with Netscape from 1997 to 2003, first in charge of Product marketing in Southern Europe and then Technology Evangelist, managing developer relations in Europe.

Tristan is a strong advocate for open source and has helped launching the project in 2002, aiming at promoting Web standards and accessibility.

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Good for him! There's definitely a lot of room for development in the browser market.