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Sunday, September 23, 2007

What is the state of the Danish Internet?

SIME held an event in Copenhagen last week. Morten Lund (to the right), the rebellious, Danish investor, said that Danish Internet could be summarized in one word: Freeway. The Freeway team has been responsible for a number of success stories such as dating (, social communities (Arto &, e-business (Trendsales) and other online inititatives. When Ola Ahlvarsson, the moderator of the event, asked the audience to name other interesting internet initatives, all he got was deep silence.

Help us out here, readers: we would like to present the Danish Internet at depth and need your knowledge of the market. What are the most interesting things on the web in Denmark at present? What's the next big thing?
By the way, Morten Lund, who calls himself a "startup ideologist digging the VC soil", will be at SIME 2007 to spice things up...

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