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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr Google Europe to SIME

What would a leading Internet event be without a leading personality from Google? The SIME agenda has been upgraded with the addition of the man responsible for shaping Google’s future in Europe: Nikesh Arora. He will talk about the future of search based advertising and its impact on business and society.

Nikesh Arora manages and develops Google's operations in the European market. He has the task of making sense of one of Google’s most complex markets, where around 30 languages are spoken across a relatively small geographical area. It requires him to manage the expectations of disparate local groups while keeping Google's strategy constant across countries.

When Nikesh Arora was approached to join Google in 2004, he got an unusual request.
He was asked: ‘Ever been to the British Museum? Sergey Brin and Larry Page will meet you there.’ His job interview with the search giant took place walking around the exhibits.

Prior to joining Google, he was Chief Marketing Officer and a Member of the Management Board at T-Mobile. At T-Mobile, he spearheaded all product development, terminals, brand and marketing activities of T-Mobile Europe.

Originally from India, Nikesh got his MBA in the US and now lives in London.

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