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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Danny Rimer - the shining star in Europe’s VC industry

You’ve met some of the most interesting startups of the web at SIME. Now you will have a chance to meet Danny Rimers at SIME07, the guy who has been an early investor in many of these companies - Netvibes, Fon, Stardoll and Rebtel to name just a few.

Danny is a partner at the VC firm Index Ventures in London. He was brought up in Geneva, was educated at Harvard and then spent seven years working in Silicon Valley, which has given him a broad view of the world. "I'm always thinking as an outsider, and I'm always mindful of whether a company can be impactful on a global basis. Frankly, I'm paranoid about anyone anywhere who could be a competitive threat”, he says in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News.

Danny currently serves on a number of boards including FON, Joost, MySQL, Oanda, Spot Runner, Stardoll and Viagogo. He previously was a director of KVS (now Veritas), Skype (now eBay) and (now CBS).

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