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Monday, October 1, 2007

Mr Netocracy: Alexander Bard

Yes, you will have a chance to meet your favorite rebel and Master of Netocracy at SIME2007!
We asked Alexander to answer a few questions for our readers:

1. What is really important right now?

The world economy, as always. And inventing a more intelligent social community tool than the stupid underclass nonsense called Facebook.

2. What are your expectations on SIME?

Networking, networking, networking, and getting some new insights I never had before. Plus of course going home afterwards with some new delightful little gadget in my pocket (beata: hint to sponsors?). Let's not underrate the value of fetichism.

3. What can European entrepreneurs learn from their American counterparts?

Being more daring and updated, for a start. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is currently American entrepreneurs who have more to learn from their European brethren rather than the other way round. And everybody should learn a thing or two from Korean and Indian entrepreneurs.

4. How can Internet contribute beyond the corporate world?

It does already. People LIVE through the internet these days. The world is already virtual and symbolic.

Alexander Bard is a writer, a founder of the, a non-profit organization aimed to build the new informational society and a member of the band BWO (Bodies without Organs).


Moses said...

I like the answer to Question 3: But its not completely true: It seems oblivious of the billions of people outside today's Internet hot-zones.

I read Netocracy which Mr Bard co-authors with Mr Sonderquist; It is also has underlying mis-truths. It is completely euphemistic of powerful enclaves controlling the world today whose powers bear no connection to the passwords to networks that rule todays net age, the Netocrats.

Despite all the advances of science in the net age, nothing can squeeze like human kindness, or emotions like love and hate. Netocrats will never understand why Face-Book works and they should know that it is not the elitism that Mr Bard preaches that will create a new world Economic order. It will be love and hate, emotion, God will strengten people to do more, passion will drive people above their docile selves and anything that evokes humanness will always be a hit, and whatever elites are there on the net or in real life will have to bow to the emotions of the human nature.

I live in Africa and in a continent of almost a billion people, almost 15% of the world's six billion, not even fifty thousand has heard about Mr Bard. I don't know about China, India and the rest of Asia but I think Mr Bard can only speak about the Scandinavia. What ever is true in this region is not necessarily true of the entire world and all Netocrats need to learn that their networks mean nothing except to the extent that humans... Flesh and blood... give temporal life. It is completely fleeting network that human beings give their time to and as soon as the connected web ends.. humans direct their emotion to the next big thing.

But I love Mr. Bard's idealism.

Regards, Moses Ida-Michaels

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I don't know about China, India and the rest of Asia but I think Mr Bard can only speak about the Scandinavia