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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SIME Entertainment News

(Yes, we also want to know what happened to that good looking popstar).

Our favorite elite netizen and philosopher Alexander Bard has done it again! He has managed to win a slot in the 2008 version of the the Swedish annual music competition "Melodifestivalen". His song, "Lay Your Love On Me" was one of the 28 finalists, from over 3,000 entries.

copyright: Sveriges Television.
The competition has a considerable impact on music charts in Sweden and everyone from kids to grandmothers watch it on TV. In 2007, the semifinals averaged 3.1 million viewers, and an estimated four million Swedes watched the final.
But you don't have to watch Melodifestivalen to get a glimpse of the multi-talented Alexander Bard. See him live at SIME 2007! He will participate in the panel "What is really important right now" featuring some of the most controversial and interesting thinkers in the shouting match of the year. Don't miss it!

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