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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Zennström stepped down from Skype ahead of schedule

Yesterday SIME:s keynote speaker and industry hero, Niklas Zennström stepped down from the role as CEO of Skype, the company he founded with Janus Friis four years ago. This was ahead of the scheduled work-through period after the acquisition by eBay.

Shortly before the public announcement of his departure, Zennstrom agreed to give an exclusive English-language interview to Thomas Crampton (our favorite SIME-moderator). Zennström has also agreed to speak with Dagens Industri (but the interview has not been published yet). Good job Thomas!
From the interview: "Top on Zennstrom’s Internet wish list: A solution to the deluge of email. 'Everyone is getting lost in their in-boxes. I would really like to see some innovation there, please.'" Read the full story on Thomas' blog.

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