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Thursday, October 18, 2007

SIME goes to Web 2.0 Summit

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Johan Battelle, moderator.

I'm here at the Web 2.0 Summit 2007 in San Francisco with about 1,000 other people. Many of whom seem to be disappointed that, being an invitation-only event, it has become a lot less intimate than earlier years. The agenda is great with names like Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, Rupert Murdoch, NewsCorp and Meg Whitman, eBay. Some SIME speakers and hangarounds are also in da house: Tariq Krim, Andreas Weigend, Niklas Zennström, Loïc LeMeure and Martin Varsavsky. The Swedish participants outnumber all the other non-American groups! Stardoll, Pixbox, Maria Plaza, Mobispine, Myblock, and a few other companies are represented.

Most memorable from day 1: Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook as a platform, Rupert Murdoch & Chris DeWolfe on myspace and Melissa Mayer on Google's new focus on health services.

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